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Sleeping With the Fishes by Marty
December 16, 2008, 1:55 pm
Filed under: The Bass


The Bass has been sleeping his way through the school and is getting quite the reputation as a bass player.  Someone needs to keep his fish-stick in his pants.


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Its this kind of trash rag that caused the tragic “lemming leap” last year. If you hadn’t sent your bottom feeding papparazos out there to hunt them down there is no way that thousands upon thousands of lemmings would have thrown themseleves to their death.

I hope you are proud of yourselves.

Comment by Olaf the Magnificent

I heard that Ms. Bass has been receiving treatment from Dr. Dolphin for an undisclosed venereal disease after a weekend tryst with the “lothario of the lakes”. I wouldn’t catch that dirty debaucher with a ten foot deep sea fishing pole.

Comment by concerned crayfish

ms. bass let herself go after her latest delivery of a million eggs….she has noone to blame but herself …it took 3 weeks to lose the gravid weight. what did she expect to happen.

Comment by Anonymous

i’m tired of you trolls always ‘dissin’ Ms. Bass – not everyone can be as young as trashy ms. mayfly, anyway she will prob be dead before the weeks out. I think Ms B is aging gracefully, unlike some folks out in the animal kingdom (ahem, moose). How would you look after you laid a million eggs, anonymous (if that is your real name)??!

Comment by concerned crayfish

congratulations concerned crayfish you got your wish ms. mayfly, god rest her soul, died just minutes ago… dick

Comment by Calvin

Calvin, we were all deeply saddened by Mayfly’s passing, and it is, for me, a testament to the taxing nature of living a full day in the public eye. Sure, her life expectancy may have had something to do with it, but the rigors of fame and the uncompromising scrutiny of animaloid press have to be culpable in what has come to pass. Olaf had it right, and you Calvin, have it wrong.

Comment by concerned crayfish

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