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Birthday Roundup by Marty
January 15, 2009, 11:38 am
Filed under: The Ant, The Butterfly, The Canadian Shield, The Fox, The Sequoia

A few of our favourite forest friends are celebrating today, and we wanted to wish them all the best from Our birthday roundup for January 15th, 2009:


The Fox (28 years) – More foxy than ever.

The Sequoia (front left – 37 centuries) – This old dude still gives us wood.

The Ant (3 days) – Hurry up and die already. No one likes you.

The Butterfly (6 weeks) – 2 as a caterpillar, 4 as a butterfly.

The Canadian Shield (4 Gigaannums – one Ga is equal to {10 to the power of 9} years) – Is that a hundred thousand suns lashed together with ribbons of skull-scorching hell-fires…or The Canadian Shield’s birthday cake!?!